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Review of Adam Friedman Music: Green EP

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that Adam Friedman is my favorite singer. I always enjoy music by artists who have real talent and real passion, so it was a no-brainer that I would become a huge fan of Friedman, his beautiful voice, and his numerous talents. (And, you know. His looks are pretty awesome too…)

Fans of Mike Posner will want to know all about Adam Friedman. He co-wrote, produced, and provided background vocals and instruments on many of the tracks on Posner’s second studio album, At Night, Alone. One of the standout tracks that Posner and Friedman worked on together is “Iris,”a beautiful song which is among my all-time favorites. The fact that Friedman worked on this song doesn’t even slightly surprise me given the depth and beauty of his debut EP, Green.

Two of the most well-known songs on Friedman’s 5-song EP are probably “Lemonade,” which is co-written by and features Mike Posner, and “What If” of The Bachelor fame. These two songs may have the most irresistible pop beats on the entire album, with “Lemonade” bringing a bright California feel and “What If” evoking questions about religion, love, and belief systems. These two songs alone showcase Friedman’s range, talent, and knack for creating infectious songs, but the entertainment doesn’t stop there. The first track on the EP, “Signals,” is my favorite release of Friedman’s thus far. I’ve always been a Coldplay fan, and this tune offers up some serious Chris Martin vibes, especially at the beginning. It’s the type of song that just makes me want to smile and dance, whether I’m working at my desk or in the car. “Waiting on a Woman (Acoustic) ” is another contemplative song but on the more stripped-down side than “What If,” which is where Friedman’s beautiful voice shines best. It basically is what “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” by Mike Posner would’ve been if Adam Friedman had written it – that was my very first impression of this tune. Lastly, “Sad,” another one of Friedman’s singles, is just so very chill and smooth that it makes being sad seem almost, well, cool.

All in all, Friedman’s album is all hits and no misses. Pop fans and singer-songwriter fans will love this album and the heart he puts into it. This will not be the last post I write on this amazing, talented singer/songwriter/producer/musician, so stay tuned for more information—this post alone just doesn’t do this interesting artist enough justice!

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