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George Ezra’s Staying at Tamara’s: Top 5 Songs

 Happy Summer! I’m here today to provide you all with some listening inspiration in a short “review” of my 5 favorite  George Ezra songs from his latest album, Staying at Tamara’s. While I think this album is an absolute masterpiece from start to finish, I have decided to narrow down my analysis to the 5 songs that I think are the absolute best on the album. Here goes!

1. “Pretty Shining People

I consider this song incomparable to any other song I have experienced, which is why it gets #1 on my list. It offers listeners frustration, sadness, hope, and contemplation in equally awesome doses. It is best experienced on the vinyl album, but if you don’t want that or don’t have it yet, you still need to hear this piece. Just listen to it, and you will understand what I mean. Explaining any further will just ruin your own idea of the song when you hear it—but expect the desire to dance to be part of your listening. You’ve been warned!

2. “The Beautiful Dream

 I can’t even explain how many different ways this song can be interpreted, and how many different ways people can relate to it, but for me this song serves as a reminder of those times that you dream about whoever it is that you have feelings for. The song itself is a beautiful dream. I’m about to make a few ridiculous comparisons, but this gives me “Pretty Things“—level chills. Now I’m shocking everyone.  I cried a few times during my first listen.

3. “Shotgun

This song is catchy. It’s light. It makes you happy. And it sounds like summer. So yes, I am about to make ANOTHER shocking comparison. They even both reference cars in some way. SHOTGUN IS 2018’S LEMONADE!!!! I promise this is the real me writing this post. This does not mean “Shotgun” has replaced “Lemonade” in my heart, because, come on. Let’s not be ridiculous. But seriously, I just listed out every reason you need to listen to this song now. It will get you so pumped for summer!

4. “All My Love

This is a last-minute addition. I actually forgot about this one a little bit, but upon closer inspection, I realized that this song is about as classically George Ezra as you’re going to get on this album, and that counts for something. I also appreciate the way this song celebrates that classically romantic concept of a selfless love where two become one (with or without marriage). It’s a little more low-key than other songs on this album, but still a very enjoyable piece overall and a good departure from that more blatantly emotional feeling of most of the rest of the album.

5. “Paradise

This is another “Pretty Shining People” type crowdpleaser, as evidenced by the fact that it became a huge hit in the UK—and, I believe, in the US, as well, since I keep hearing it everywhere! This is another ode to perfect love that is simply paradise. A must-listen! Enough said.

I also suggest checking all of the songs out for yourself, at least eventually, so that you can make your own decision as to which ones are the best—because honestly, they are all awesome. It was extremely difficult to narrow this down to my favorite five songs, and if I tried to make an honorable mentions list, it would probably include all of the other tracks. That’s really saying something. While this album does, in my opinion, stray from what I consider the classic George Ezra sound—think “Budapest” or “Barcelona”—I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. This is only Ezra’s second album, and some experimentation is expected. There’s very little room for disappointment for most listeners here. Ezra is always so different from other artists—Tamara’s is no exception.

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What are your favorite George Ezra songs? Let us know below!

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