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5 Songs You Need to Listen to Now

This is an eclectic post of 5 songs that are really impacting me emotionally right now. Take a look at my suggestions and enjoy!

  1. Close,” nobigdyl – We all know that I only heard of this song through some weird twist of finding out that Adam Friedman is on the chorus and produced/co-wrote. After all, Christian music and Hip-Hop/Rap aren’t really my main musical genres. Not that I never listen to songs in these categories, I just don’t tend to be in-the-know with new releases like “Close.” But I truly appreciate this song for more than Friedman’s gorgeous vocals on the chorus (although that is a huge selling point here). The powerful poetry that nobigdyl is presenting is relatable to anyone who has faced those awful feelings that come when you know you’ve made a huge mistake in life. You know what I’m talking about – that horrible darkness inside that comes when you’ve realized that you’re a supremely flawed human being. But we also see and feel the wonderful feeling of knowing that there are others, whether we are talking about a spouse, God, or another loved one, who still accept and love you as you are.
  2. Rock Mi,” Voxxclub – This is actually a remake of a song by AlpenRebellen, and is just as strong and catchy as the original. I obviously have a different affinity for the song as a German speaker and a German culture nerd, but even if you don’t speak a lick of Deutsch, the tune is infectious. This flash mob is absolutely precious, too. My mom and niece don’t speak German, but they love it as much as I do. Check it out! Check out the original if you want more.
  3. I Want You,” Marian Hill – I love Marian Hill music. Don’t ask me why, but once I start listening, I can’t stop for a good forty to sixty minutes. This one is a good example if you want to better understand why anyone would get hooked to these unique but catchy tunes. Check it out!
  4. A Perfect Mess,” Mike Posner – This is such an awesome example of the power Mike Posner has over words (he isn’t wrong to be proud of his songwriting skills). I don’t even know what to say about it, it’s like a mix between Hip-Hop, Rap, and Pop, not unlike many of Posner’s emotional tunes. This was from the heart of Posner’s dark days, and it’s easy to see his struggles reflected in this masterpiece.
  5. Heaven,” O.A.R. – This is one of those songs Spotify kept randomly suggesting for me, and it turned out that I really, really liked it and the XX Adubato remix. While the triumphant anti-Heaven message may cause some dissenters to relate it to “What If’s” anti-religious themes, I would argue that neither of these songs are about being anti-religion or anti-God; these messages are an almost insignificant symbol of something bigger going on in each song – “What If” being about love and how it can be as powerful as a religion, and “Heaven” just saying “I don’t want to live the way others make me.” The religious symbolism in these songs are just that – symbols. And the larger theme and melodic tune here are wonderful.

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