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Music Recommendations: 5 Songs I’m Listening To Now

In today’s post, I want to discuss five songs that I am listening to now and why I think they are so awesome. Let’s get started so you can learn about my latest music recommendations!

“Satellite” by Lena

This is a 2010 song from German singer Lena Meyer-Landrut, and boy is it catchy! It might be the space-related lyrics that really got me, or maybe it is just the extremely infectious pop beats. It came on randomly while I was playing German language songs on YouTube (“Satellite” is sung in English, so never fear if you don’t speak German!), making me wonder why I’d never heard it before. A perfect cleaning-the-house type of song!

“Get Lonely with Me” by George Ezra

Here is another one that has me scratching my head regarding how I never heard it before. Considering I listen to George Ezra. ALL the time. I hit shuffle on Spotify’s artist page for Ezra during my sister’s garage sale, and this one played pretty quickly. It’s another ridiculously catchy song that probably should have been a hit. It’s a bit more classically poppy than many of Ezra’s songs, but that is what made it so surprisingly good, and it still has his signature deep vocals written all over it. Perfect for any occasion.

“Not Above Love” by AlunaGeorge

This was honestly a random song that Spotify played for me one day, but for some reason it really stuck with me. There’s something about the music and the lyrics, as well as the unexpected changes in the beats that I found really impressive and almost mesmerizing. I saved it immediately. It’s definitely one of my “work playlist” picks.

“California” by Chase Goering

The acoustic vibes of this song are beautiful. I will not comment any further on the ways that I relate to the lyrics. Many of you can figure this out on your own. This is a good song to relax to.

“Signals” by Adam Friedman

Before you groan, consider that I was going to give up and make this a four-song list when “Signals’ came on through my headphones, reminding me how amazing it is and helping me to realize how much this track from Friedman’s Green EP belonged on this list. To call it a typical pop song or even typical indie-pop song would be doing it a huge injustice.

Sure, all of the basic pop ingredients are there, but it is so soaring and uplifting—even though all of the lyrics aren’t completely cheery—that it is really in a class of its own. This was one of my first Adam Friedman songs and the first one that made me fall in love with him. Figuratively, of course….totally figuratively.

Check out these songs on our YouTube playlist!

What are some of your current music recommendations? Let us know in the comments!


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