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New Adam Friedman music: “Bloom” (Single)

Image by Amy Alder (used with permission).

No one was probably as excited as I was when my favorite singer, Adam Friedman, announced that he was going to be releasing a new song each month, with the first one coming out today. The first thing I did this morning was listen to it, and the natural next step was to write up a Short and Sweet review for it! So, here goes:

It’s hard to tell exactly who or what Friedman is singing about in “Bloom“, but it does sound like it is about someone that mattered to him and who has passed away. I am much less likely to care about the specific details of the story in a song and focus more on the overall meaning and sound/production. Much like with “Sad,” Friedman takes what could be an uncomfortable and depressing topic and makes it into something that is catchy and almost cheerful. It’s still emotional, yes, but with a dose of peppiness that makes it so uniquely him. The end result is beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

I also noticed that this song sounds less heavily produced than many of Friedman’s, especially at the beginning. While I love pretty much every one of his songs, the less-poppy feel of this one is quite interesting and worthy of appreciation. I feel that this release could appeal to many music lovers, whether they are fans of pop, country or singer-songwriter pieces like this.

What do you think of this newest piece of Adam Friedman music? Let us know below!


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