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Top 5 Maroon 5 Songs

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Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I am a longtime Maroon 5 fan. I first heard a song by the band when I was 8 years old (that would be “This Love,” from Songs About Jane, a classic of course). I know every song that the band has recorded, and some that they haven’t, so I was excited beyond belief when I was granted the opportunity to see them LIVE for the very first time NEXT FRIDAY, September 14th, 2018 – in Chicago, IL, as part of the band’s Red Pill Blues Tour

In honor of this news and the personal excitement surrounding it, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to the 5 songs that I consider to be Maroon 5’s best. I made my choices by picking my favorite from each of the band’s first five studio albums, which isn’t easy to do when you take into consideration that I believe each of their songs is a hit. My hope is that you will listen to the songs yourself and decide what you think, so as a result I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. Here’s the list:

1. “Sunday Morning,” Songs About Jane

My choice of this song needs almost no explanation, as any Maroon 5 fan and most pop radio listeners know that this song leaves music lovers feeling a certain, almost nostalgic way, and I know I’m not alone when I say that this song evokes a certain kind of magic when played on a rainy Sunday morning. In fact, the song feels like a rainy Sunday morning — cozy, calm, romantic and reflective. It’s earnest jazziness adds extra polish and highlights what made Maroon 5 special in the first place.

2. “Goodnight Goodnight,” It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

IWBSBL is one of Maroon 5’s greatest albums of all time, and marks the band’s first real foray into truly dance-worthy pop. However, as catchy as the album is, my absolute favorite track  is “Goodnight Goodnight,” a much darker and stripped-down song than most others on this record. It isn’t as well-known as many Maroon 5 songs, but there is a music video for this track (linked above). For me, the stripped-down, serious tone of this song is what makes it so special.

3. “How,” Hands All Over

Hands All Over is hands-down my favorite Maroon 5 album of all time (no pun intended). It also just so happens that “How” is my absolute favorite Maroon 5 song. I’ve been listening to this track on repeat for years and it still gives me chills, still makes me cry, and still keeps me listening. There’s something so heartbreaking in Adam Levine’s vocals as he pleads a past lover to forgive him, as he cannot live without her. This is a classic, and definitely underrated by many.

4. “Sad,” Overexposed

You may have noticed by now that Maroon 5’s stripped-down, somber songs tend to be my favorites, and I can’t argue that. “Sad” may be one of the, well, saddest, but it definitely is not a song to overlook. It is just as emotional as “How” and is very relatable to anyone who wonders if ending a relationship and making certain choices was the right thing to do.

5. “Unkiss Me,” V

There has always been the coolest, New Wave-esque retro vibe to this album, and while “Unkiss Me” is just as slow and contemplative as my other choices on this list, it also has a catchiness to it and is less stripped down than those songs. If only it were possible to un-kiss someone and erase their memories of you and your heartbreak — but it isn’t.

I bet you thought I was done – but I need to add a 6th “Surprise” Honorable Mention from Maroon 5’s sixth studio album, Red Pill Blues!

6. “Whiskey,” Red Pill Blues

This album is so awesome that it’s hard to pick a favorite song – but, as I usually do, I went with something sad and low-key. Whiskey does add a rap section and a somewhat “pop”-ier sound, though, if that is what you’re looking for. This song is both up-to-date and classic M5 at the same time.

So those are my Top Maroon 5 songs! Do you have different favorites? Do you want to see more Maroon 5 posts in the future? Have an idea for a post? Let me know! 

This post originally appeared on LiveJournal. It has been edited for timeliness.

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