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New Single Review: “Song About You” by Mike Posner

I have been a Mike Posner fan since I was in high school, which was when I first heard his now-famous single, “Cooler Than Me.” I was sitting in my Honors Algebra class back in 2010, a class where my teacher played Top 40 hits during each session. 

As I listened to the song, I realized that it spoke to me on a deep level, even though I hadn’t really experienced exactly what Posner was talking about. I was also almost mesmerized by the ingenious way in which Posner meshed rap, hip-hop, and pop into a new sound that no one had ever achieved before or since, at least in my opinion. 

I think part of what got to me about Posner’s songs and overall sound at the time was the emotional performances that he delivered with his vocals. You could almost feel the irritation Posner communicated regarding the lack of attention given to the singer by the object of his affections in this song. 

My opinions regarding Posner’s delivery were further supported when his second album, At Night, Alone. was released in 2016. It is a masterpiece that explores nearly every aspect of human heartbreak and emotion. Mike Posner was solidified as one of my favorite singers of all time when this record came out.

When Posner’s unexpected but much appreciated new single, “Song About You,” was released this morning, I did not know what to expect from the long-silent music artist – but what I experienced was a new sound that seemed to be a mix between Posner’s first and second albums with a dash of Revolver-era Beatles vibes thrown in for good measure. More important than the sound, though, was the presence of Posner’s signature emotional delivery, which really got to this listener’s soul.

I have been through my share of uncomfortable break-ups and similar disappointments, but I don’t think I would have had to in order to feel the pain, anger and conflicting emotions that Posner communicates to his listeners in “Song About You.” I think that anyone who has gone through any dark period in his or her life could understand what he is getting at, and I think that this song is important for that reason.

Mike Posner is used to being a symbol of positivity and hope for his listeners. I am one of many who have felt that his music helped them through many a rough patch in life. However, even Posner has to admit in “Song About You” that sometimes he doesn’t like the sun. We all have our ups and downs, even the most inspirational of people among us. 

The people that we think have it all figured out really are just as frail as we are; they are still just flawed human beings. For that reason, I think it is important for just about everyone to listen to some of Posner’s encouraging songs such as “Be As You Are” and then give his new release a very thoughtful few listens. The differences are notable, but so are the similarities, and the messages and cleverness in the songs share a common, relatable thread even when it may seem like they don’t.

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