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5 George Ezra Songs I Recently Became Obsessed With

I was kind of a casual listener of George Ezra until recently – recently being when I was sitting in my sister’s garage this past July during her neighborhood yard sale and randomly turned all of Ezra’s songs on shuffle using the Spotify app. I was surprised to find some really unique new favorites, some of which I only fully appreciated several months later after hearing them a few times. Here’s my current Top 5, in no particular order.

1. “Drawing Board”

This is a tune that is on the catchiness level of “Pretty Shining People,” and is definitely just as unique and interesting. It’s definitely wayyyy darker and even a bit disturbing, but at least it is done in a clever way. Listen for yourself and see what you think of it.

2. “Spectacular Rival”

Like many of Ezra’s songs, I think I’m probably missing some of the meaning here. I also think this is another super dark and even suggestive one, not that that is always a bad thing. We’ve got the creepy sound of “Did You Hear The Rain” mixed with the strangeness and cleverness of “Drawing Board.” Another one you really need to hear yourself to understand it and appreciate it.

3. “Over the Creek”

I am both amused and disturbed to tell you that I’ve been listening to about three or four different versions of this song before writing this section. I am just trying to figure out this song, its meaning and the artistry behind it. If anyone has any suggestions on what Ezra may be getting at, let me know your ideas.

I know I usually review songs based on how similar or dissimilar they are to other ones I like or dislike. With this one, it’s hard to compare to anything else – although some of the beats make me think of country music or something “twangy” along those lines. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. Again, I’m not entirely sure what it is about, if anything, but it almost makes me cry just because it sounds so emotional. If you listen to the acoustic versions, you will understand what I mean. I dunno. It’s really cool, check it out.

4. “Song 6”

This song feels new, retro and completely unique all at the same time. It gives me shivers and tears, something that only two other songs have ever done. There are so many unique sounds and production techniques going on here. Just listen to this soothing track and you will see what I mean!

5. “Stand by Your Gun”

MAN, I hate cracking the code of capitalizing these songs. Why can’t everyone have primarily one-word titles like…oh, I dunno… “Bloom.” “Lemonade.” “Sad.” “SIGNALS!!!!!!!!” Ahem.

ANYWAYYY. Moving on 🙂

This is another super-catchy track. I have done a karaoke recording on StarMaker Karaoke, it affected me that much. I can’t explain why, it is just a feel-good song to me even though the lyrics aren’t necessarily uplifting. I always get stuff done when I turn this one on.

Let me know what you think – about Ezra, these songs, whatever – in the comments!


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