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Is It Me, or Does It Feel Like July?

First  – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 2019 is almost here, and I hope it brings you all peace, joy and wonderful opportunities.

Second – If you don’t know anything about Kara’s Flowers, you really need to.

What is a Kara’s Flower? You may be shocked to find out that Kara’s Flowers is a mostly failed band of high schoolers that eventually became a little pop group called Maroon 5.

Yep, you heard that right. I was shocked when I found out, too. And I was also surprised to find that many of their songs were awesome, deep and could have even become classics in the right situation. Their sound is very 90’s grunge-inspired to me, but you can hear some Songs About Jane vibes in their songs.

I love to listen to a good KF song every so often – and I want to share the inspiration that their songs offer me. So here are some quick links where you can learn more about the band and their music:

Everything Kara’s Flowers Blog

Official Kara’s Flowers

(I think the above YouTube profile is just an offshoot of the Everything KF blog, but there are some unreleased gems here – including Maroon 5 songs that are extremely rare.)

Spotify Artist Page (Go here to listen to their only released album, The Fourth World):

In case anyone was wondering, my favorite Kara’s Flowers songs are:

  • My Ocean Blue
  • The Fog
  • July
  • Myself
  • Bonus Song: If You Only Knew (an early, unreleased Maroon 5 tune)

No links here – you can research all these songs at the links I already provided above 😉

What do you think of Kara’s Flowers? Let us know and enjoy the winter holidays!


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