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Marian Hill Songs: Top 5

No one knows this, but one of my go-to work playlists on Spotify includes a BUNCH of music by Marian Hill. This duo has a knack for creating some extremely catchy, electronic songs, and I sometimes just turn on their entire Spotify artist page and let it play the entire time while I’m working, because these songs motivate me with their energy. Here are my 5 favorites that I’d like to share with you today:

1. “Lips”

This is a catchy song with super unique electronic songs that always makes me feel like dancing. It also has a bright romanticness to it that makes me smile.

2.”One Time”

This is definitely Marian Hill’s most popular song, and for good reason. I heard it for the first time on Dancing With The Stars and haven’t stopped listening since. It’s a little jazzier than the other pieces on this list.


This is similar to “Lips” in its style and production quality. This is another very “danc-y” song (a favorite made-up word of mine. I’m ignoring that red line with pride).

4.”I Want You”

This one has a different feel from many of the others on my list. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but the sounds feel more raw and emotional than electronic and dance-fueled.

5. “Play”

THOSE BEGINNING BEATS. This one might actually be THE “danciest” tune on this list. It feels very upbeat, which I always love.

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