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Songs I’m Listening to Now: 3-1-2019

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This is the beginning of an ongoing series – anytime I round up five favorite “new” songs, I will put out a post of this nature! Here goes:

1. “Move On,” Mike Posner

My latest Mike Posner favorite. This is one of the most inspiring, emotional and uplifting releases that I’ve experienced so far this year. Also very danceable. Yes, I just used another fake word and I love it.

2. “Slip N Slide,” Chez Moi

We get treated to some serious Adam Friedman vocals and some super cool beats in the latest single from the duo consisting of Friedman and Capital Cities’ Ryan Merchant. I dare you NOT to dance to this one.

3. “Spirit,” Future Islands

My sister introduced me to Future Islands recently, and this song is something truly inspiring and special. It is a great choice for fans of their biggest hit, “Seasons (Waiting On You).”

4. “No Matter Where You Are,” Adam Friedman

A NEW ADAM RELEASE! This is a really great one – those opening notes? AMAZING. I love the uplifting theme here, too. This is a must-listen! It’s also a fairly quick listen if you are so very rushed that you don’t have a lot of time to discover great new music.

5. “A Dream of You and Me,” Future Islands

This is another great choice for “Seasons” fans, as well as many others who love a good, catchy song with inspiring lyrics. Don’t hesitate to click that YouTube link! I’ve got a live video for this one.

Have any song recommendations to share? Let me know below!

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