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Song Recommendations: 4-17-2019

Good morning, everyone! I’ve finally rounded up more songs that are currently inspiring me. Here they are!

1. “Never Enough,” The Greatest Showman

I just now saw this movie for the first time. Please don’t judge me. I was not necessarily as blown away by all of the music as most people seem to be, but this particular emotional and moving song did get to me.

2.  “Good,” Marian Hill

This is my latest Marian Hill favorite and go-to stationary biking track. It’s very catchy and it makes me feel….good!

4. “Breakthru,” Queen

This has been a favorite since I was about ten, and it recently came back into my rotation for some reason. Maybe the catchiness. Maybe the desperation. Maybe both! Check it out if you don’t know it already. I don’t feel like this is considered as definitive of a Queen hit as something like “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

5. “The Puppy Song,” Harry Nilsson

For whatever reason, You’ve Got Mail was my favorite movie for a while when I was – seriously – about four years old. I think I was in love with Tom Hanks for a bit there, too. Go figure. Anyway, I also loved this song then and it’s another one that’s creeping back up on my playlist. So peppy!

What are your current song recommendations? Let us know in the comments below and we will see you all soon!


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