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Top 5 Songs – 8.14.2019

Happy August, everyone! Sorry I was absent in July. I didn’t have a lot of musical inspiration. Now I’ve got five new (some old-but-new-to-me) favorite songs to share with you! Here they are:

1. Flagpole Sitta – Elohim 

This cover of the Harvey Danger song adds a chill, mega-modern edge to the 1997 classic.  The video is really interesting, too. You can find this version on Spotify, as well.

2. Life is Easier – Palastic

Apparently we aren’t supposed to know who is singing this amazingly catchy and mostly upbeat song, and I’ve finally learned to not rock the boat where music is concerned, but the vocals should sound pretty familiar to anyone who follows my writings here. Anyway, it lists Adam Friedman as one of the writers so I can tell you that. I can’t stop listening.

3. Seasons (Waiting on You) – Mansionair

This is another cover of the Future Islands hit, and one I should have shared ages ago. It gives me the same feeling as #1 on this list, and seems to really delve into the emotions that the original doesn’t quite evoke due to its more techno-infused beats. The song starts at :53.

4. Thoughts & Prayers – A.J.

I’m scratching my head at what’s going on with this one, too, but you may recognize the vocals. It is beautiful, heartbreaking and necessary in this day and age. Written in part by Adam Friedman (again).

5. Differently, Marian Hill

I like most everything Marian Hill releases. This is a more recent release (2018), and is now one of my favorite songs to listen to while working. Check it out!

Got any music recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

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