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Top 5 Julia Michaels Songs

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Julia Michaels has become quite popular in the pop realm recently, especially among young women who relate to her, well, highly relatable songs and enjoy their fresh sounds. However, there are some songs that I feel non-superfans (or non-obsessive-hunters-of-interesting-music such as I think of myself) may not have had the opportunity to listen to and appreciate from the singer-songwriter. Here are my five favorites in no particular order.

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1. “If You Need Me”: This one has such a rousing, spirited feeling. I just love its uplifting vibes that add a positive twist to a song that could feel emotionally wrought otherwise.

2. “Falling for Boys”: If there is anyone who has ever dated a guy and hasn’t related to this song in some way at some point…they are lying 😛 It also provides the right mix of slick pop styling and edgy, raw emotion.

3. “Just Do It”: I can relate to this song all too well. But beyond that, it has the coolest, catchiest pop sound with a fresh edge that makes it hard to forget.

4. “Body”: Much like with #2 above, I think a wide variety of people can relate to the agony of not being at peace with your body and your appearance. This song approaches the topic in an emotionally moving and intensely artistic way that listeners can return to again and again for a cathartic experience.

5. “Make it Up to You”: This song makes me want to dance. This is pop fun at its best, much like #3 from the same EP.

Honorable Mention:Don’t Wanna Think” 

I wanted to keep this list short, but I LOVE “Don’t Wanna Think” and its unique ballad-esque styling. The piano music makes it even more winning in my book.

What are your favorite Julia Michaels tunes? Let me know in the comments below!

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