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25 Songs You Need Right Now

We are in weird times. Some call them scary times, but I’m trying to remain optimistic enough to simply call them “sad times.” Sad because so many are ill or lost or nervous, but hopeful because good times are still ahead.

That being said, I know that everyone is already getting antsy with disrupted schedules. It may be that some great songs will help you persevere. Here are 25 to get you through the days and weeks ahead.

  1. “Wanted”, Trevor Guthrie If you’ve ever felt desperately in love, this is for you.
  2. “Low”, The Driver Era —Remember when love caused your greatest sadness? If it felt like your lowest point, have a listen.
  3. “Primitive”, The Katherines This is a funky and unusual tune about female frustration with modern men. You just have to check it out for yourself.
  4. Taker Her Place,” Don Diablo ft. A R I Z O N A —DANCE. Do it now!
  5. To The Dreamers”, for KING & COUNTRY —This can help you feel uplifted during uncertain times, now or in the future.
  6. “Summer Days”, A R I Z O N A — Another spirited song, but with a love theme.
  7. “You”, The Katherines —Yet another cute, romantic mood lifter.
  8. “Slip N Slide”, Chez Moi — Dance beats. Retro styling. Smooth vocals. What else does anyone need?
  9. “Ultraviolet”, The Katherines — This is just a sweet, poppy and catchy as all get out.
  10. “We Could Be Beautiful”, Wrabel —This song is too beautiful for words.
  11. “Myself”, Kara’s Flowers Take yourself back to a time of lonely, teenage angst with angsty, teenaged Adam Levine.
  12. “Lemonade”, Adam FriedmanNo one can make you feel as sunny as Adam singin’ about California.
  13. “Habits,” Steven Cooper and DJ Lee — If you’ve ever felt there was a part of yourself that you were compelled to change, this is a must-listen. The instrumental version is great for times when you need to relax or focus on other tasks.
  14. “Slow it Down,” Mike Posner — This song helps you to chill out, especially with its beautiful piano beats.
  15. Any Song by Adam Friedman — Seriously, anything not already on this list will help you feel a healthy range of human emotions.
  16. “Iris,” Mike Posner — Beautiful and haunting. Gets your mind off everything except all of your heartaches, past and/or present. You can always listen to the stripped down versions on YouTube, as well.
  17. “Move On,” Mike PosnerIf you are currently holding on to anything in your past that isn’t serving you, this rousing mood-booster will bring you out of it.
  18. The Oklahoma Soundtrack —Specifically the one from the Hugh Jackman version if you want a serious mood boost.
  19. “Stutter,” Maroon 5 — I’m not sure why this song makes me happy, but it does.
  20. “Minefield,” The Katherines — This song makes me feel cool and tough, if only for a moment.
  21. “Life is Easier,” Palastic — Life is easier if you love somebody, so love someone!
  22. “Get a Little More,” Fatman Riddim Section —This funky Maroon 5 cover has all the makings of a hit. It’s great if you’ve ever been frustrated by someone not giving as much as they get. Or if someone confuses you with their behavior and makes you feel like you’re “waiting for something, always waiting…wondering if it will ever change.” TL;DR: It’s good.
  23. “Everybody Talks,” Neon Trees —It’s classic pop gold for everyone.
  24. “You’re My Best Friend,” Queen —Most people already know how sweet and uplifting this song is. Give it a fresh listen to appreciate it all over again.
  25. “Flagpole Sitta,” Any Singer’s Version —This can help you blow off steam after witnessing the grocery store.

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