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Remembering The Maroon 5 2018 Tour

I became a “Marooner” as a high school senior.

I’ve been dreaming of attending a Maroon 5 concert since college – it is actually physically written down on my “To-Do” list (I don’t consider this a Bucket List, since I have decided it is a little weird to be thinking about the end of life to that extent when I am still pretty darn young).

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I received tickets for the band’s 2018 Tour during the 2017 holiday season, so you can imagine how excited I was. I attended that concert on September 14th, 2018 at the United Center in Chicago, IL, and I wanted to share some of my reflections on the band and how they have progressed since I became a fan.

The Concert

The concert was amazing; I feel that almost any attendee would have felt that way. The lights, the booming bass, and the enthusiasm that Adam Levine and the band still exhibit after almost 20 years on stage were all breathtaking. The setlist resembled a Maroon 5 walk through memory lane, as hits from almost all of their albums were performed and loved by fans of all ages. The band really highlighted their range and how they have morphed their style throughout the years, and yet they also demonstrated the flawless stage presence and commitment to catchy beats that make them Maroon 5, no matter what year it is or what style they are experimenting with.

My Experience

If it isn’t already obvious, I was blown away by Maroon 5’s performance in Chicago. I did not have the best seats in the house – but I had a very clear, if miniaturized, view of the stage, and was able to tell that each member of the band is still giving it his all after almost two decades of performing. I also found Adam Levine’s speech on appreciating one’s fans to be important and a nice touch. I couldn’t stop singing and jumping out of my seat to dance, which is a testament to the performance in itself.


An image of Adam Levine I captured at the concert.

My general conclusions from my experience were as follows:

1. Maroon 5 is as masterful of a pop-rock band as ever, and their live performing style is highly impressive, just as all of the videos I have watched of their performances over the years led me to believe.

2. I am still as impressed by the band as I was when I started college, even though my life circumstances and the band’s style have both changed dramatically in that time.

I believe that my experience really speaks to Maroon 5’s almost magical staying power in the popular music realm, which seems to have led to them being a group that has successfully stayed relevant since the early 2000s. Fans young and old from all walks of life cheered, clapped, and sang along with Adam & company on September 14th, proving that music, at least music that is skillfully and artistically performed and arranged, really can bring people together.

What do you think about Maroon 5? Let us know below!

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