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Top 5 ARIZONA Songs

ARIZONA is a band that made it onto my favorites list recently. I’ve mentioned them in a few posts here and recently watched their livestream concert, but I haven’t dedicated a post specifically to their music. As such, I wanted to take time in this post to point out my five favorite songs of theirs. Here we go:

1. “Find Someone”

I’m not a huge fan of “I’m breaking up with you” songs in general, but this one is SOOOO GOOD. It’s catchy as heck and gets stuck in my head for hours/days/weeks on end.

2. “Problems”

Who doesn’t have problems? A R I Z O N A makes a darkly relatable topic catchy and near uplifting in this upbeat, dance-worthy tune.

3. “Annie”

I’m listening to this song as I write this. It’s so unique and hip! Give it a listen right now if you can

4. “Oceans Away”

This is a stripped down, more somber offering than others on this list. It can bring tears to your eyes with its sincerity.

5. “Still Alive”

This anthem celebrates surviving against all odds. Enough said.

Honorable mention: “Take Her Place” by Don Diablo ft. A R I Z O N A

There is a playlist on out YouTube channel!

Do you have any favorite ARIZONA songs to share? Let us know below!! Happy 2021!


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