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American Express UNSTAGED With Maroon 5: A Review

I was very excited when I learned that Maroon 5 was going to be performing an exclusive livestream set with American Express UNSTAGED. I jumped at the opportunity to see the band from the comfort of my home on March 30th. I want to cover a few different aspects of this experience in this review, so let’s get to it!

The Stage

Some of the lighting and props on stage were a little wild, but the other setups were cool enough to make up for it. I felt like I was right there with the band. The right lighting is everything to me, and many of the later songs were set up perfectly.

The Music

Let’s get to the most important part of any performance: the music! As usual, the band performed some of their most popular songs, and the quality and entertainment value did not disappoint. A stripped-down “Moves Like Jagger” and a very unique arrangement of “Sugar” were two of my favorite parts of the night. A walk down memory lane with early Songs About Jane hits such as “The Sun” and “Sunday Morning” were also much appreciated. I missed “Nobody’s Love,” but all of the songs that were performed were great fun.

The Experience

I’m very particular about my livestream experiences. I’ve had some hits and some misses in the awkward era of COVID-19. I’m happy to report that the LIVENow experience is a very smooth and enjoyable one. The streaming quality was excellent even on my weak WiFi network, which is always vital. I had very little to no lagging, which helped the experience seem more natural and immersive. There were also two Fan Q&A sessions with Adam Levine and James Valentine that added surprise value to the performance. Overall, I was impressed with the livestream and would definitely consider paying for LIVENow events in the future.

That’s all I have to say for now! I enjoyed the Maroon 5 performance, which was a little over an hour, as most livestream music experiences seem to be. I wish it could have ran a little longer, to be honest, but that’s my main complaint, so it was a great concert overall!

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