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Top 5 Instrumental Tracks

From time to time – usually when I’m working – I like to listen to *gasp* songs without lyrics! These may be traditional piano tracks, techno tunes, or something else without lyrics. This month, I’m going to share my five favorites instrumental pieces with you to show you how magical melody-focused pieces can be.

1. “Bodi Finds The Fire,” Adam Friedman and Rolfe Kent

This rousing tune is from one of my favorite movies, Rock Dog, and is always on my instrumental playlist. It’s short but worth a listen! Adam’s talents will never cease to amaze me.

2. “Hail the Underdog,” UTAH

This tune is unique, fun and calming all at the same time. You can dance to it, chill out to it or enjoy it in the shower. It’s been a fun tune for when I’m playing games or doing crafts with my niece, as well.

3. “Habits (Instrumental),” Steven Cooper

I love the lyrics-based version of this song, too, but there’s something very cool about the instrumental track. Give it a listen! It chills me out sometimes.

4. “Not a Single Day (Interlude),” A R I Z O N A

This track from my favorite band has a very nice, peaceful sound to it. It’s a great compliment to any busy day of work. I’d be interested to hear more instrumental pieces from ARIZONA.

5. “Where We Could Go,” Marian Hill

Like #4 on this list, “Where We Could Go” is calming and peaceful, which I’m not used to hearing from Marian Hill. Add it to your playlists! You won’t be sorry you did.

This playlist can be found on our YouTube channel!

Do you have a favorite instrumental track or two that you can’t wait to share? Have an idea for the blog? You know what to do – leave a comment below 🙂

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