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Songs to Welcome Fall

Happy Fall, everyone! I hope you are all doing well while we continue to try to get by in this weird era. To get you started on the autumn transitory period, I’ve decided to offer suggestions for five songs to help you with the many phases that Fall can bring. Some are new tracks, while others are recently discovered favorites of mine or longtime staples from my music collection. Give them a listen and see if they help you through these strange times!

For When You Wish It Was Still Summer

“Sanremo,” MIKA

This cool, smooth song from MIKA will have you drinking up the sunshine in Sanremo in a matter of seconds. It’s great for when you’ve had too much cold and clouds and need to escape to paradise for a few minutes. You won’t even think of the word “fall.”

“Lemonade,” Adam Friedman

“Lemonade” is and always will be a summertime staple. It can instantly transport you to the beach, no matter what the weather is like outside. That’s the Adam Friedman touch!

For When You Want to Really Bring on the Autumn Vibes

“Love in October,” Ships Have Sailed

Happy to leave summer behind? If so, you should be excited to learn that Ships Have Sailed has lent their unique sound to what is sure to become your new fall listening staple with the emotionally rousing “Love in October.”

“Forever Autumn,” The Moody Blues

You can enjoy some classic Moody Blues melancholy vibes with “Forever Autumn.” It quite literally sounds like a dark November day.

For That Day When Your Relationship is Frustrating You

“What Do You Do For Me,” Chez Moi & Yori

Sorry you’re feeling frustrated by your relationship, but at least you can dance to the anger with the jazzy “What Do You Do For Me”! Plus, it’s co-written by Adam Friedman. What else do I need to say?

“It’s Gonna Be OK,” BANNERS

“It’s Gonna Be OK” is sad, but hopeful. It’s inspiring in that it shows how love can be powerful and optimistic even in the roughest of times.

For When The Darkness is Already Getting to You

“People Crying Every Night,” A R I Z O N A

Feeling existential? COVID life getting you down? ARIZONA can help! “People Crying Every Night” can help you feel less alone and make you want to dance all in one.

“Last Party,” MIKA

“Last Party” from MIKA is beautiful and sad all in one. It’s a great first track if you aren’t familiar with his repertoire (fun fact: repertoire isn’t the word I was looking for, but it’s the closest I can think of right now, dear readers. Help me out in the comments below if you know what word I mean).

For When The Darkness Isn’t Getting to You and You Feel Infatuated Instead

“Drive,” Spencer Sutherland

“Drive” is another funky tune co-written (and produced!) by Adam Friedman. It gives those feelings of infatuation a whole new groove.

“Bloom”, Adam Friedman

A sweet and simple track. Check it out in my official review!

What are your favorite fall-time songs? Put them in the comments!

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