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Top 5 Songs of The 21st Century

You’d think I’d be afraid to tackle a topic as large and bold as the best five songs of the 21st Century (so far). The thing is, I’m not afraid of much, and I’m definitely not afraid of sharing my opinion.

When you also consider that this blog is purely opinion-based, there’s no reason that I shouldn’t be able to list what I consider to be the best songs of the century, and with gusto. Your opinion—whoever you may be—is most likely different, and your list is sure to include different songs than mine. There’s no harm in any of this.

Now that that’s been said, let’s look at my list and see if I can inspire you to create your own version or check out some of the songs here that you’ve never heard before. I’m not going to link to anything this time; I hope you will choose to explore these songs (and hopefully purchase them!) on your own. I hope you enjoy this post!

SIDE NOTE: These are NOT in order. This was hard enough to write without ordering these tracks!

1. “Gotten,” Slash ft. Adam Levine

“Gotten is one of the most haunting songs and makes for the best example of Adam Levine’s vocals that I’ve ever heard. It has a rare beauty and complexity to it that has to be heard to appreciate it. If you’ve ever been overpowered by love, this song is for you.

2. “Iris” by Mike Posner/Adam Friedman

I recommend listening to an Adam Friedman version of “Iris” (linked above), but you need to hear the standard recording from Mike Posner’s sophomore album “At Night, Alone.”, as well. I used to cry every time I heard this song.

3. “Unbelievers” by Vampire Weekend

I was listening to “Unbelievers” as I wrote this piece, and I realized that if any song belongs on this list, it’s this one. It’s a more rousing tune than others here, which is part of what makes it magical. It’s one of those peppy songs with murky lyrics, which makes it undeniably attractive to music lovers. You’ve more than likely heard this 2010’s hit by now, but if not, give it a listen!

4. “Origin of Love,” MIKA

I only discovered this song this past summer, and I’m glad I did. It’s got a little bit of Queen, a little bit of Enya, a little bit of 1970s folk, and a whole lot of MIKA, making for a one-of-a-kind theatrical masterpiece and celebration of the power of love. You can’t help yourself when you hear this, you want to move and you want to feel. This is also an important track where love, society, and religion are concerned, as it comes from a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

5. “One Time,” Marian Hill

Any list of top songs from the 21st Century would be remiss without mention of Marian Hill. The duo’s most popular and most exciting offering is arguably “One Time.” This is a song you really need to listen to if you haven’t, because it provides a whole new sound to music in general and particularly to the electronic/dance genre. I can’t say I’ve ever heard another group or artist with this sound.

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What songs would you say are the best of the century so far? Would you like to see my Top 5 list for the 20th Century? Let me know in the comments below!

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