The concept for the single Left Alone on a Chicago music critic blog.

Song Review: “LEFT ALONE”

I recently had the honor of hearing the song “LEFT ALONE” by Ric Flexer featuring Ju$t Allstylez and D. HOLLOW, an up-and-coming artist that I recently interviewed for this blog.

“LEFT ALONE” is a very unique song. The artistry and earnestness of its collaborators shines through in each and every second. The guitar bits at the beginning were gentle and surprising, helping the listener to understand that “LEFT ALONE” in inspired by a wide variety of music genres rather than being a pure Hip-Hop piece.

Most impressively, “LEFT ALONE” manages to capture that desperate, lonely feeling that happens when you feel like you are at the end of your rope. You want to be left alone, and you don’t want to have to justify it to anyone.

Single artwork for “LEFT ALONE” (Provided by D.HOLLOW and used with permission).

“I think we all wanna be left alone at some point in our lives, and I believe it’s okay to feel that way,” said D. HOLLOW of his experience working on the song.

“LEFT ALONE” isn’t a song for one type of music lover. It’s a song for everyone. I recommend you listen to it today. It may become your new favorite track for those especially frustrating days.

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