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“This Song” by Shi Kargo & Wakithi: New Single Review

Today, I have had the pleasure of listening to “This Song,” a wonderful, melodic single from Shi Kargo and Wakithi. This dynamic duo has created a rhythmic masterpiece that evokes happiness, energy, and a variety of other feelings that you won’t want to miss.

Cover Art for “This Song” by Shi Kargo and Wakithi (Used With Permission).

Wakithi’s vocals add a layer to Shi Kargo’s magic as the two come together and fuse the best of their solo offerings into a collaboration unlike any other I’ve experienced. Whether you need a new tune to perk up your workday or help you reflect during your workout or creative endeavors, “This Song” is sure to fit the bill. Fans of clean, beautiful rhythm will be transported to new heights with this instant classic.

International audiences young and old should check this gentle yet powerful track out. It was released today, December 17th, 2021, and is available on the major streaming platforms and beyond. Expect to feel the whole spectrum of emotions after your first listen.

Find out where to stream “This Song” now.

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