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5 Best 8D Songs

I recently—and completely by accident—discovered the joys of 8D music. 8D music can be described as music that is engineered to more or less trick your brain into thinking you are 1) hearing music coming from different directions around you, and 2) hearing music in a larger space than you are. Think “front row at a stadium concert meets IMAX movie experience.” In short, you feel as if you have songs coming from inside your head.

Some benefits of listening to 8D songs include feeling as if you are experiencing live music, potentially experiencing the same benefits as meditation but at a quicker rate, and possibly relieving feelings of everyday stress. I personally enjoyed discovering 8D songs, as I don’t usually enjoy the electronic binaural beats that are typically said to have the same results.

While stress-relief claims and other proposed health benefits of 8D music are yet to be solidly proven, I can tell you from experience that it is a great joy to listen to 8D music. There are a wide range of 8D mixes to choose from, so I’m going to provide you with a list of my 5 favorites from YouTube to get you started. Remember that you have to be wearing headphones on both ears to experience the awesomeness of 8D.

1. “Relax, Take It Easy,” MIKA

This was one of the first 8D mixes to really impress me with its sound. The lyrics are quite affirmative when listened to in a blissed-out 8D state.

2. “Oceans Away,” A R I Z O N A

“Oceans Away” is sad, but it is awesome in 8D. The effects are astounding, and the sound is so relaxing that you may fall asleep.

3. “There’s No Way,” Lauv

“There’s No Way” is another mellow track that is perfectly suited for these 8D edits. It’s great for romantics and features Julia Michaels; the two different voices lend themselves well to 8D production.

4. “Glorious,” Adam Friedman

I love “Glorious,” so I was excited to find an 8D version. It’s a motivating song on its own with its uplifting love themes; the 8D treatment only expands on them.

5. “Tiny Love”MIKA

This one is a little more fun than others on this list, rather than serving just to relax you. It may be a good choice to recommend to others who want to hear what 8D sounds like. It’s got that “huge stadium” feel that really wows.

There is a playlist on our YouTube channel!

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