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The Best George Ezra Songs

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In case you haven’t heard, I’ve got some exciting news! George Ezra’s third studio album, Gold Rush Kid, is set to be released on June 10th, 2022! To celebrate, I thought I’d share what I believe to be the best George Ezra songs of all time. Here we go!

1. “Spectacular Rival”

Video of George Ezra performing “Spectacular Rival,” on YouTube.

Talk about a spooky yet surprisingly sultry song. George really leaves you guessing in this masterpiece.

2. “Me & You”

Official Audio for “Me & You” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

This song is one of those cute, warm-n-fuzzy tracks that put you in a good mood. If you want to believe in the sweetness of love, this song’s for you.

3. “Only a Human”

Official Audio for “Only a Human” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

This is a powerful ballad that reminds us it’s okay to mess up. Watch out for repetitive adult language 🙂

4. “Barcelona”

Music video for “Barcelona” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

“Barcelona” is, without a doubt, one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s beautiful, calming, and romantic in the most artistic of ways.

5. “Blame it on Me”

Music video for “Blame it on Me” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

“Blame it on Me” is one of those fun George Ezra songs that’s perfect to sing along to while you dance around. The video’s a lot of fun, too.

6. “Listen to the Man”

Music video for “Listen to the Man” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

Here’s another sweet, romantic track. It also reminds listeners that it’s okay to take a step back and enjoy life rather than plan for every minute of the future.

7. “Song 6”

George Ezra performs “Song 6” live, on YouTube.

This is another track that I consider to be one of the best songs ever written. It’s hauntingly folksy in the best way.

8. “The Beautiful Dream”

Official audio for “The Beautiful Dream” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

“The Beautiful Dream” is a gorgeous track in the vein of “Barcelona.” However, it’s much grander and the type of song you’ll want to listen to over and over again.

9. “Anyone For You”

Music video for “Anyone For You” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

George Ezra’s newest song is a delight to the ears and the senses. Like “Me & You,” it puts a huge smile on your face as soon as those rousing opening notes hit.

10. “Da Vinci Riot Police”

Official audio for “Da Vinci Riot Police” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

I only discovered this song within the last six months, because it doesn’t get a lot of fanfare. It’s haunting in the vein of “Spectacular Rival.” Pure musical gold!

11. “Over the Creek”

George Ezra performs “Over the Creek” live, on YouTube.

This is one of those “hoping-for-love” types of songs. It’s magnificence lies in its obscurity. You can make it about whatever resonates with you.

12. “Stand By Your Gun”

Official audio for “Stand By Your Gun” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

Here’s another somewhat unclear song that’s tons of fun to enjoy. What’s it about? You’ll have to listen 25 times to try to find out—and you’ll enjoy every minute.

13. “Get Lonely With Me”

Official audio for “Get Lonely With Me” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

Ezra is at his best when he’s dark, and this track is no exception. It’s unique from some of his other darker songs in that it’s as catchy as it is moody.

14. “Did You Hear The Rain”

Music video for “Did You Hear The Rain” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

This is likely one of the darkest George Ezra songs of all time, which makes it a lot of fun. It’s perfect for those days when a breakup is REALLY getting you down. Wallow in that dark headspace for a few minutes, then just let it go.

15. “Pretty Shining People”

Music video for “Pretty Shining People” by George Ezra, on Youtube.

Lift your spirits as you dance and sing to one of the most peace-inducing tracks of all time. We’re alright together!

16. “Drawing Board”

Official audio for “Drawing Board” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

“Drawing Board” is “Did You Hear the Rain” with a wink. I think of it as a dancey mix of “Lady Jane” and “Billy Brown,” if George Ezra had written either song and made them even more biting.

17. “Paradise”

Music video for “Paradise” for George Ezra, on YouTube.

This is a very sweet track that doesn’t lose any of its artistry or feel-good vibes to romance. Have a blast dancing around with this one!

18. “Saviour” feat. First Aid Kit

Lyric video for “Saviour” by George Ezra ft. First Aid Kit, on YouTube.

George Ezra did well in having a feature on this track. It’s SO POWERFUL. Please listen!

19. “Budapest”

Music video for “Budapest” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

All of Erza’s top hits aren’t my favorites, but “Budapest,” which introduced me to his music, definitely is. It’s cute and fun while remaining lyrically interesting.

20. “Get Away”

Official audio for “Get Away” by George Ezra, on YouTube.

Music is often at its best when it contains themes that are universally relatable. You can feel the dreamy imaginations of the protagonist here. Because who hasn’t wanted to get away at some point in their life?

What do you think of my George Ezra songs list? Are you excited for the new George Ezra album? Let us know below!

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