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The Best Julia Michaels Songs

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There’s something special about Julia Michaels. She addresses emotions in her songs that some artists don’t really tackle. (Listen to “All Your Exes” or “Love Is Weird” below to get an idea of what her importance). What’s more, she’s the type of real, honest artist that today’s girls and women need to see representing female artistry in the media. Whether she’s championing self-love or creating a fantastic pop bop to help music lovers process their romantic woes, Julia Michaels inspires her fans in ways that are hard to explain if you haven’t listened to her music.

To honor Ms. Michaels and her music, here are 20 of the best Julia Michaels songs. Take a look at the accompanying YouTube videos to explore these unique and catchy tracks!

1. “Lie Like This”

This song is so uplifting. It’s the type of song that actually makes you want to fall in love—and dance the whole time.

2. “All Your Exes”

Jealousy isn’t always a positive emotion, but it’s a common and utterly human one. It’s even common in happy relationships, especially when you start thinking about your loved one’s past romances. Julia Michaels bring those feelings to the forefront in a catchy and cool way.

3. “Issues”

“Issues” has always been one of Michaels’ most popular tracks, and for good reason. It makes it feel okay to have problems and flaws, especially if you are in the type of relationships where you and your partner can accept your shortcomings and become better together.

4. “Love Is Weird”

This is a haunting, beautiful track. It sums up love in a pretty candid and relatable way. It is weird sometimes, right?!

5. “Undertone”

This song is heartbreaking, in a way. There’s nothing much worse when it comes to breakups than not being able to forget someone who was once special to you. As Michaels says, that person becomes an undertone of everything you do. Fortunately, she says it in a catchy way that you want to hear again and again.

6. “Pink”

Michaels both pokes fun at and honors innuendo in song with this fun and clever track. It’s a great example of her creativity and intelligence as a writer.

7. “Falling For Boys”

Anyone who’s had a rocky relationship with an immature guy can relate to this song. It’s very clever and unique, as are many of Michaels’ songs.

8. “Anxiety” feat. Selena Gomez

This is one of those tracks that addresses mental health in a way that most songs and artists do not. It’s simply candid—and wonderful in a lighter way than expected with such a heavy topic.

9. “Work Too Much”

“Work Too Much” is another song that addresses an uncommon topic in music. It’s perfect for those days when you want to let out your frustrations about an overly full work schedule or a tendency to be a workaholic.

10. “Worst in Me”

This track could be compared to “Issues” above, but it’s a bit more fast-paced and uptempo. It’s dance-worthy while tackling a dark-ish theme.

11. “If You Need Me”

You can look up the backstory of this piece to understand why it is an important song. Even without knowing its history, it’s hard to deny that this is a timeless piece of pop artistry.

12. “Pessimist”

Whether you’re a pessimist, realist, or optimist, you’ll have a smile on your face by the time you’re done listening to this track. Like “Lie Like This,” “Pessimist” makes you believe in the power of love to make your life and your outlook on it better.

13. “Uh Huh”

This song is a little edgier than some of Michaels’ earlier tracks, but it’s undeniably catchy and smoothly made. It’s got clever lyricism and a whole lot more.

14. “Don’t Wanna Think”

Michaels seems to be at her best in a stripped-down piano ballad. That’s exactly what this emotionally raw piece is, where you can hear ever ounce of emotion in Michaels’ vocals. Chills!

15. “There’s No Way,” Lauv feat. Julia Michaels

You may know about the murky history between these two (wow…pun literally not intended, but that was fantastic). However, this song is so fantastic that I just had to mention it. It makes perfect use of both singers’ voices and has a sound that brings me back to every decade of music I can think of.

16. “Body”

This is one of those Julia Michaels songs that addresses feelings that nearly every woman has had, whether she’s admitted it or not. This is just the song that women need to work through feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem.

17. “That’s The Kind Of Woman”

Don’t we all have an ideal version of ourselves? Michaels is just putting those feelings out in the open where few have before.

18. “Little Did I Know”

This song is classic and brand-new all at once. It’s hauntingly beautiful and expertly written and produced.

19. “Just Do It”

Few feelings are as frustrating as the ones that arise when someone won’t just tell you the truth and get the hard part—which is oftentimes a breakup—over with. This song deals with those frustrations expertly and entertainingly.

20. “Make It Up To You”

This is a fun one with its upbeat sound and catchy rhythms! It’s a great listen whether you want to dance or let off steam.

What are your favorite Julia Michaels songs? Let us know below!

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