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Song Review: “Turn My Swag On” by Soulja Boy Tell’em

Then 18-year old DeAndre Cortez Way (known by his stage name Soulja Boy Tell’em) would have his rise to stardom in 2007 with his flashy choreographic moves and his rapping/singing abilities. His singles like “Crank That”, “Donk”, “Soulja Girl” and “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” created a buzz throughout the entertainment world.

From an exuberant adolescent living in poverty in Batesville, Mississippi to making millions of dollars per year with his record labels, tours, CDs & music downloads, Soulja Boy has transformed into a success in a relatively short span of time. Soulja Boy was one of the first artists to use the internet to publish music, therefore making it easily accessible to youth. As the internet in the 2000s was nowhere near the 2020s level, this made Mr. Soulja Boy quite extraordinary.

Turn My Swag On: Released October 25, 2008

After a year of success following the release of his 2007 “Crank That” single, along with his debut studio album titled, Soulja Boy Tell’em took about a year off to focus on building his record label Stacks on Deck Entertainment (SODMG). In October 2008, he released “Turn My Swag On,” the third track on his iSouljaBoyTellem album.

This is a 3:31 song where Soulja Boy boasts about his swagger and fortune, responding to haters who assumed he wasn’t capable of making hit songs anymore. “Turn My Swag On” has sold 1,000,000 digital downloads in the USA. It became Soulja Boy’s third song to sell more than 1 million downloads, after “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” and “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)“. The track topped the US Rap Charts and peaked at #19 on the Hot 100

I got a question why they hattin on me
I ain’t did nuthin to em,

But count this money
And put my team on, now my
Whole clic stunnin
Boy wassup, yeeeea
Boy wassup, yeeeea

The aforementioned lyrics explain how Soulja Boy’s critics will continue to give him exposure and fortune while they show their hate for him. Some people will always scorn those more successful than them; this is nothing new. Soulja Boy does a good job of not letting it curtail his career.

Turn My Swag On has helped me feel assertive with my beauty and my confidence over the years. It’s made me spend extra time perfecting my pretty boy persona”. I liked when he began the song with “Hop up out the bed.” It’s a prime example of what people should do, you know? I mean, life’s short, so get up, brush off the cobwebs, and get going.

Pop Culture Influence

“Turn My Swag On” has had long-lasting effects on society. Many people utilized the song to help activate their game faces—others, to activate their charms or good looks.

Additionally, memes have popped up online throughout the 14 years of this song’s existence. The song’s still holding strong in 2022 with its witty, catchy, and simple lyrics of empowerment.

If you have the time to spare, I’d highly recommend you listen to “Turn My Swag On” now.

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