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Spotlight and Review: A Heaven For Heretics by Kristian Montgomery & The Winterkill band

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Some music serves to remind us how our raw emotions make us human. Kristian Montgomery & The Winterkill Band’s A Heaven For Heretics is one example of an album that uses good-old-fashioned country rock with a humble and modern twist to connect each listener to their deepest and most complicated emotions.

Kristian Montgomery doesn’t just want to make music; he wants to restore Rock N’ Roll to its purpose as a dedicated and determined blue-collar artist. After recording three albums in just two years, Montgomery received 2021 nominations for country artist of the year at the Boston Music Awards as well as the New England Music Awards.

Montgomery is becoming a bigger picture of success each day, but he came from rough beginnings and rose from the ashes of his past. He’s spent time with rebels in Nicaragua as well as in prison, helping to color his music with the relatable yet artistically impressive sound and lyrics that it has today.

Songs like “Ain’t Got Nobody But Me” and “If I Live To See Virginia” recall a past Golden Age of music —particularly country-rock music—yet have their own, innovative feel that many are describing as “Appalachian Rock” or a mix of rock, country, and blues that appeals to fans of each genre. Listen to them yourself to make your own decision on their sound; you are most likely to find that your emotional reaction to each track will prevent you from worrying about labeling it at all.

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