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ANLIL: Review of New Single, “Young Heart”

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Album cover for ANLIL’s new single “Young Heart.”

Sometimes it’s refreshing when a musician decides to visit not just the darker side of emotions in their music, but also the darker side of people. ANLIL has done just that by focusing on the feelings and perspective of the heartbreaker—rather than the typical perspective of the heartbroken—in her dark yet emotionally moving single “Young Heart.”

“I wanted to talk about the heartbreaker, their motives and moments leading up to saying I’m officially done with this, next,” ANLIL said.

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Known for her dark, haunting stories presented in song, ANLIL collaborated with her team in her hometown of Toronto on “Young Heart”. Sunny Diamonds and Error404 are among the team members who helped ANLIL bring the new track to life.

ANLIL is a firm believer in collaboration where the process of making music is concerned. “It’s really incredible to say I produce and write almost every song I’ve released, but there’s magic when creating with different minds and perspectives in music,” she said.

Image of ANLIL.

ANLIL released her six-track EP 1995 at the end of 2021; that record was also recorded and produced in Toronto. A number of Grammy-winning music industry pros helped with the EP’s creation; ANLIL was also mentored by Che Pope when releasing her single “Disaster.”

“Young Heart” is as cool as it is catchy, with dark-trap beats and haunting bass-heavy synth loops that make you want to come back for more. I checked out ANLIL’s other songs after hearing her latest single and was very impressed with what I heard. ANLIL is a fresh artist with an intriguingly dark-yet-infectious sound that you don’t want to miss, and “Young Heart” is the type of innovative and powerful song that can begin to give music lovers an idea of what the best music of the 2020s is going to sound like.

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