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Oktaf Kanis, “My Radio:” Review

Oktaf Kanis’s new single “My Radio” was released on June 3, 2022. It’s a mixture of clean, modern pop-rock and classic rock that will keep listeners wanting more.

Image of Oktaf Kanis for a Chicago music blog.
Image of Oktaf Kanis.

Here is what Kanis has to say about the song himself:

“[It is] a kind of story journey in which a couple whose lover is involved in a problem within him because of something that has caused him to become like that, then in the midst of that problem a friend from one of the one couple who always invites him by giving a kind of message to listen to a radio broadcast so that his lover is entertained and forgets a problem that is happening to him, ‘Somebody told to me (listen to my radio)’ in the lyrics, it can be concluded that an invitation to listen to the broadcast radio, and from the term “radio broadcast” it can be interpreted broadly, it can be a kind of podcast or a playlist of songs, depending on how each listener wants to describe it. In each stanza of this song has a different content, in the verse to the pre-chorus it is a kind of expression of the heart of a couple who has a lover who is in trouble, and in the chorus it is a greeting because they have received some kind of message from a friend. who has invited him to listen to his radio broadcasts.”

As Kanis said, the song provokes deep thinking and both demonstrates and provokes a wide range of emotions. It reminds me of such classics as “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day and should be appealing to fans of such songs, although there is even deeper thought and emotional appeal here.

Kanis plans to release one more single and an entire sophomore album, both of which have unannounced release dates at this time. I look forward to hearing more of what Kanis has to offer in the future. 

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