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Shi Kargo: Delete After Listening EP

Shi Kargo is back with a new creative musical project—an EP titled Delete After Listening. The EP is an Amapiano-influenced instrumental project that is melodic, rhythmic, soothing, and energetic all in one inspiringly musical package. The EP was released today, June 24th, 2022. Delete After Listening features such notable names as Markus Enochson and Kabeey Sax.

“I am thrilled by the amount of work we have achieved by putting this E.P. together, from a vision into a reality,” Shi Kargo said. “I’m eager to get on the road to meet all of you & to bless everyone with this music.”

Picture of Shi Kargo.

Shi Kargo got his start after producing underground music and has been making a name for himself with such impressive releases as “This Song” with Wakithi and “Natusangalale” with Roy.

“My personal philosophy when composing is to always be telling some sort of story. I want my music to take you on a journey, even if [it’s] only 2 minutes long. I want the melodies and harmonies to go to different places and bring about different feelings. That is what I always strive for,” Shi Kargo said of his music.

Image of Shi Kargo.

Delete After Listening is an EP with international flavor that shouldn’t be missed. You will especially appreciate it if you enjoy rhythmic, soothing beats that are different from anything else you’ve heard before.

Listen to the new EP and prepare to be inspired!

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