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Music Recommendations: 5 Songs to Listen to Now

I hope all of our readers are doing well! It’s been a while since I’ve recommended some new songs, so it seems like the time has come to do so. Here are some of my music recommendations from the best songs of spring and summer 2022 (so far) for your consideration!

1. “Green Green Grass,” George Ezra

I think that “Green Green Grass” is one of George Ezra’s best tracks from his third album, Gold Rush Kid, which was released this past June. It talks of a relationship with an exciting woman but also tackles the concept of mortality with a summery, uplifting beat that’s hard not to move your feet to. This is a must-listen for fans of Ezra’s music.

2. “In The Clouds,” O.A.R.

This is one of my current O.A.R. favorites, which I partially attribute to Adam Friedman’s involvement (of course). It’s a very dreamy song that will have you feeling like you’re in the clouds yourself by the time you’re done listening!

3. “100sadsongs,” Tai Verdes

This song seems unique when compared to Tai Verdes’ other tracks. It has an emotional, stripped-down acoustic feel that really hits the listener in the heart. It demonstrates that sad yet resigned feeling that can occur after a breakup or similar disappointment.

4. “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?,” MIKA

This piece is a haunting and heartbreaking addition to the soundtrack for the Billy Porter-directed film Anything’s Possible. It’s my favorite of the few MIKA songs to be released so far this year and one that I recommend to longstanding MIKA music fans as well as anyone who appreciates an emotionally moving, if somber, song.

5. “Bolero,” Baby K featuring MIKA

I know this isn’t a favorite among a number of MIKA fans, but I think it’s a great summer track and a fun addition to my Italian song library. Any non-Italian speakers who look up the lyrics should be able to find a way to relate to the track’s themes surrounding the complications of romantic love.

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