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“Paradise Forever” by Erica Knox: New Single Review

Erica Knox is back with a new summer single recorded only weeks after it was written. “Paradise Forever” perfectly captures both the excitement and the comfort of a summer love that is about as perfect as it can get, and is the perfect track for SynthPop fans and lovers of romantic tracks who are hungry for a new summer favorite to listen to. 

“[E]verything in me wanted to create an energetic, yet chill, pop song surrounding the best parts of being in love in the summer,” Knox said of the single. Energetic and chill is exactly what you get with this fresh song. The song also explains the hope one feels during a summer love—the hope that it will last forever and stay as happy as it is in the moment.

“Paradise Forever” has an irresistible electronic beat and overall relaxing vibe; this unique combination makes for a track that is impossible to forget and that is bound to leave you with chills and a happy kind of nostalgic feeling. It reminds me of summers past and ones that are yet to come. Whether you’ve had a powerful summer romance or just enjoy a fantastic summer pop track, you will want to hear this. It also contains Knox’s signature clear, emotional vocals that I’ve come to truly appreciate since discovering her music.

As Knox says, “Paradise Forever’ is for listeners who love life, love love, and crave celebrating it.”

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