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Oktaf Kanis: “Coming From The Darkside” (Review)

Indonesian rock artist Oktaf Kanis released his new single “Coming From The Darkside” today, August 19th, 2022.

The track tells the tale of a “dark” woman with some questionable behavior. Kanis warns in the chorus: “Hello, she’s coming from the darkside.” Kanis seems to enjoy this woman’s company as the narrator and protagonist of the song.

Kanis takes a somewhat suggestive topic and brings a groovy, modern funk-rock sound to it to create a new concept. The song is for “rocking on the dance floor,” according to Kanis.

Rock fans, funk fans, and pop fans will all enjoy this track. It fuses modern sensibility with a more classic rock sound to create something new. Give it a listen if you’re ready for something new to rock out to.

Oktaf Kanis: Future Plans

Kanis has plans to release an album titled Another Vision later this year.  It will include “Coming From The Darkside” as well as Kanis’s earlier single, “My Radio,” released on June 3rd of this year.

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