Another Vision by Oktaf Kanis (New Album Release)

Indonesian rocker Oktaf Kanis released his second album Another Vision on October 7th, 2022. The new album includes 10 tracks, while the Deluxe Edition contains a total of 16 songs, six of which are bonus tracks. This is a digital release that can be found on a number of digital music platforms. 

Kanis began the campaign for his second album earlier in 202 by releasing the single “Starlight” followed by four other singles: “Come On”, “Wheel”, “My Radio“, and “Coming From The Darkside.” Each song appears on Another Vision. Kanis has said that some of the tracks on this album were composed when he was in college.

This album contains alternative rock nuances as well as something for pop rock fans and classic rock enthusiasts to enjoy.

Find Another Vision on Spotify & Youtube and follow Oktaf Kanis on Instagram.

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