New Single Review: “Keep it simple” by Vianney feat. MIKA

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French singer-songwriter Vianney and international singer-songwriter MIKA have teamed up to bring us the new single “Keep it simple,” which does just that—but in a brilliant way.

The song is both amazingly sunny and curiously heavy, exploring a very difficult yet human subject. The song finds its two protagonists dealing with both physical and mental pain and desperately hoping to find a cure through some other person, such as a passionate love interest. The song features MIKA’s typical quirky and dark twist, and—based on comments from listeners—is reminiscent of Vianney’s recent collaboration with Ed Sheeran, “Call on me.” Even though the track has a serious edge, it has an overall light feel that makes it a joy to hear.

Fans of Goldkimono, Tai Verdes, or Maroon 5 could all find something to appreciate here. Something about the song also offers serious Julia Michaels vibes, particularly its modern production style and clever lyricism. No matter what your favorite pop- or alternative-style track is, it’s worth giving this piece a try.

This French-English single is a refreshing and modern track that deserves a few careful listens before you make up your mind about the emotions and thoughts that it provokes. This is my first introduction to Vianney; I am curious to learn more about his music catalog and am excited about what else to expect from MIKA in 2023.

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