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“Dark Skies” by A R I Z O N A (New Single Review)

I was very excited and pleasantly surprised to learn that one of my favorite bands, A R I Z O N A, was releasing a new single. That single is “Dark Skies,” which was released on April 7th, 2023 and will be Track 2 on the band’s upcoming eponymous third album, according to Genius. The album will be released on May 12th, 2023.

“Dark Skies” follows A R I Z O N A’s February release, “Moving On,” and has a similar message—as well as the group’s signature catchy groove that is something nostalgic (no pun intended for you “Nostalgic” fans out there!) and yet also something completely fresh and unique in a way that only this group knows how to be.

I’ve always loved the way that A R I Z O N A is able to write serious and uplifting songs without making them sound hokey, redundant, or preachy. “Dark Skies” tackles the subject of getting through dark days ahead with someone to support you—and vice versa—by your side.

When I heard this song, I felt excited about music in a way I haven’t felt for a couple of years now. That’s always a good feeling. I like how this song feels so catchy while also making me think about the darkness we all have to face each day. It can be nice to have someone to get through those times with, which this song highlights.

I find the bridge to be particularly intriguing:

“Everybody’s scared of somethin’ lately
But that ain’t no way to live a life
I’m ready for what’s comin’, baby
I don’t need to be reminded how to fight”

These lines will one day serve as a historical reminder of the sometimes scary world we’ve been living in for the last few years. They also serve to remind us that we can’t be afraid of the scarier parts of living, as they stop us from leading the life we dream of. The line “I don’t need to be reminded how to fight” is also interesting for anyone who has been through tough times in the past and is now ready to face them again.

If thoughtful lyrics and dance-ready electronic grooves are your vibe, check out “Dark Skies”—and check back here soon for more reviews and reflections on the music and artists we love on MTME!

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