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MTME (Which originally stood for for Music to My Ears) is made up of a team of dedicated guest and volunteer music bloggers writing about a range of topics, from spotlights on independent artists to music essays. We also have a team of volunteer marketing coordinators who assist with tasks such as SEO and social media marketing.

Our belief at MTME is that the joy of music should be spread far and wide. We spread our enthusiasm by writing on topics that are important to each of us as music lovers and writers. We do not take payments from artists or their teams and we have moved from an artist promotion model back to our roots—a model that relies on us writing about what we are passionate about when inspiration strikes us. If we recommend an artist, song, or album, you know that we felt truly excited to tell you about our latest discovery.

Do you love music, but also appreciate a good book or movie review? If so, we have great news—from time to time, we will share reviews of our favorite music-themed books or movies. Subscribe to be notified when we have a new post to share with you and the world!

Active Volunteers:

Amy Alder (Photographer/Videographer)

Johnathan Xavier Pugh (Senior Contributor)

Lindsey Flagg (Founding Editor)

Maya Faulds (Social Media Coordinator)

Nina (Senior Social Media Coordinator)

We also appreciate all of our guest bloggers for their contributions to the blog. You can find their articles by exploring our home page or any of our category pages!

Please Note: As of January 2023, we are not participating in artist music submissions. Some of our writers may reach out to and write about artists of their own choosing from time to time, which has no connection to the former music submission system at MTME. We will continue to support independent artists through social media shares and similar actions.

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