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Are you interested in writing as a Volunteer Contributor for MTME? All writers have the choice of writing under their byline or anonymously and retain ownership of all posts. Several writers have been promoted from Guest Contributor to Volunteer Contributor, Volunteer Senior Contributor or into volunteer marketing and operations roles. New roles are created all the time, and we are always open to suggestions! We also provide recommendations and references for all volunteers and you can list MTME as an employer, volunteer role, contract, or internship on LinkedIn and your resume.

Fill out the simple Google Form below to be considered for our team. We cannot accept all applicants to our team at this point due to a variety of factors. Please allow one week to receive a response—you will hear back whether or not you are chosen to write for MTME.

Please Note: MTME is no longer accepting music submissions from artists (November 2022). There may be times when writers choose to highlight artists of their own accord, which is unrelated to the MTME music submission system. Please do not submit requests via this form.

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